• Christianna Burkee

Article-14 What if???

As I sit in a cafe that's dressed to the nines in Parisian-meets-country decor, I notice the only two people sitting at tables nearby me. It's just us three occupying the place, and the subtle twang of a banjo playing through the speakers. 

In front of me, a man types on his laptop and sips a cup of steaming coffee. 

To my right, another man reads a book and silently watches out the window as people pass by. 

I couldn't help but wonder...WHAT IF we all just sat together? There's only three of us...

We might as well chat?

You don't ever need to be alone. 

Because I'd like to know about you. 

Hear your story. 

Hear you laugh...I know there's something you find funny. 

Something that makes you light up...what is it?

You see...who are we to look at others and pretend we know their story? Who are we to imagine why they are sitting in a cafe alone? 

They are just as human as yourself, and carry a story like you do. 

WHAT IF I asked to join you? After-all it's just us three. 

WHAT IF I just wanted to be good company, and a smiling face to talk to?

WHAT IF this wasn't just on MY heart, or in my character, but in YOURS too? And the person next to you? And the person passing by on the street? 

WHAT IF everywhere you went, you were loved and never alone? Meaning that there was someone who looked into your eyes and saw you. Someone to beam a smile at and receive one in return? 

WHAT IF we were known by our love?

I believe that love isn't so shabby. Not when it's sincere. It can never go wrong. It can never fail.


The simple notion of, "what if we just sat together?"

The easy, yet humbling task of dying to ourselves in order to love others fully.

My name is Christianna.

I'm a dreamer and an extravagant lover. 

I don't care if we haven't met, or if you think I'm crazy...

Make your bets and cast your lots...I'll find something gold about you. 

Not to prove a point or to win an award, but simply because I care. 

It's beautiful. 

Everyone smiles. Everyone laughs. Everyone loves to be loved. 

So why allow the blockage? Why condone the silence? 

Life is far too short and far too precious to not enjoy the company of the people who occupy it with us. 

Live radically. Live fully present. You never know who you'll meet, or how you'll change the course of someone's day...even life. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I must close, because the man sipping coffee has just asked me about my tattoo.

Here's to love, life, and friendship in a strangers face.



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