• Christianna Burkee

Through Emmy's eyes

I love seeing lovers love well.

There's something about it that induces the boost you weren't aware you needed to believe in good things, and see the little happenings of life as invitation for hope all around you.

Love is a powerful force. Really...truly...there's nothing to fear.

Emmy and Daniel are a couple that I've noticed from afar. Acquaintances with both, we uphold the standard "follow each other on social media", "say hello if I see you in a coffee shop", and maybe a sprinkle or a dash of mutual friends between us.

But you don't need to have a deep relationship with them to be able to recognize the loveliness that shines from their relationship.

The way they honor one another, and quite literally champion each other is unlike many relationships that we see.

I don't know their journey. I don't know their valleys. And valleys or mountaintops...what they choose to share with the world is true, pure, honest, love. When Emmy posted this little snippet on love the other day, my heart just melted. In a helpless puddle on the floor, I managed to move my little fingers to message her, and ask if I could share what she wrote...because although its short, it's powerful. And when you don't just preach, but practice what you preach, you can feel it. I hope this little nugget of goodness touches your heart and nestles into the nooks and crannies of your mind. Oh sweet ones...let's believe in love.

"Love is kinder than I thought. More compassionate. It shows that we can be surprised by goodness when we embrace for impact. It takes us to soaring heights we couldn’t get to alone. It believes the best and champions continuously. It spurs on. It breathes hope.

But real love carries a more sobering quality as well. It tells the truth. And that is just as necessary as the rest. The truth of love stings but also bears. It reveals but then it covers. It wounds but with intention to heal. There’s no hiding in this kind of love and that’s a gift. A sacred security. Because love can only go as wide as it goes deep. This kind of love has a stubborn way of getting us to transform if we let it. And what I’ve learned is that this love is worth fighting for. This is the one worth striving towards. Because of the remaining faith, hope and love, the greatest of these is love."

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