• Christianna Burkee

Old Glory, New Destination.

If the ultimate social gathering is what you crave, you’ve come to the right place.

Tucked amidst a blanket of alluring night, only the eye of the curious (or the fervent) would notice the door. With no sign to flaunt its existence other than the pale yellow triangle painted on the surrounding brick, Old Glory is a quietly proud subterranean destination for the atmosphere of your dreams, and the craft cocktails to accompany it.

Upon entering, the frequencies of ambient music are first to greet you. As if to say, “Hello, my name is…”.

As the host guides you down a spiral concrete staircase, the expanse of the room takes your breath away. High vaulted ceilings, antique machinery, and the exposed brick we all die for... as a guest here, you are confined within the historic details of the 1920’s boiler room to the late White Way Cleaners.

Intention is the word that suits the space. Including elements of the original structure with modern and moody details, you may find yourself tucked within a private wooden booth, leaning close in conversation around the flicker of a hinting candle flame. Or perhaps seated at one of their two tops which are speckled among the venue; made for the romantic.

Sipping a decadent cocktail, do not be surprised if you feel in a separate world apart from the one that you came from. Old Glory is a gem that is hidden, birthed for the social, known for the fabulous, and beckoning for those who seek to find it.

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