• Christianna Burkee

Article-27 Loving the world, one sip at a time.

Spilling well over the 25 year mark, Roast and Toast Cafe has proudly been fueling the community of Petoskey, Michigan with its robust caffeine and zesty atmosphere since 1993. 

As you walk through the front door, you are immediately greeted with an explosion of color and individuality. The warm and nostalgic scent of coffee freshly roasted finds its way into your nostrils, quickly to be followed by the enticing smells of their in house sandwiches, soups and pastries. 

A quad breve latte served as my vice today, as I nestle into a booth surrounded by an array of artwork and hustle. The sound of clanging mugs and dishes serves as a soothing tick to the rhythmic taps on my keyboard. The staff, always friendly, works dexterously and with affable demeanors and playful banter between themselves. 

As the hot coffee hits my mouth, I’m immediately transported to my childhood, when I’d come to this cafe often. Before I was old enough to embark on such endeavors alone, I have memories of coming here with my mom. She would meet with her girlfriends amongst the black cushioned chairs, and play catch up as I cuddled behind her in a booth against the wall. 

There is an assuring sense of family within the walls of this locally driven cafe. From their paper goods, to the ingredients they source, the value of the owners to incorporate local businesses within the foundation of their structure is proudly felt.

Which very well may be my favorite quality of this town. It’s not pompous, it’s not proud. It stands in strength and integrity, bound by community, woven in love. When you walk into a place such as Roast & Toast, you may not remember the name of that spicy drink you ordered, but you will always remember how you felt. 

“Great coffee doesn’t just happen”, the owners of Roast and Toast say. And I couldn’t agree more. This universal beverage that connects us more than we know, is far beyond a source of energy or a conversational prop. It is a carefully sourced and transformed delicacy that few have developed the knowledge to curate. You can tell when the coffee you sip has been roasted to perfection, ground to the appropriate texture, and brewed in accurate measure and temperature. When you have experienced great coffee, you will be forever marked by the standard. 

Those who support this art of the booming caffeine industry, I am loyal to follow. Bob and Mary Keedy have been proudly serving the community of Petoskey with this high standard for 27 years, and I have an unshakeable confidence that this memorable cafe will remain long in the generations to come. 

If you find yourself here, if you find yourself curious, stumble into the cup plastered cafe that sits along East Lake Street. Let the colors inspire you, let the drinks take your creative mind soaring. The doors of this long standing establishment welcome you wholeheartedly, and it’s in the food you will eat, the drinks you will sip, and the memories created, that you will find yourself here once again. 



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