• Christianna Burkee

Article-24 I need a hero

How ARE you today? I’ve been through a WEEK. Quite frankly, I almost lost myself for a bit there. But I came to realize and remember something vital: It’s OKAY if you feel like you are at the end of yourself!


That’s a GREAT place to meet Jesus.

Trust me, if you’re anywhere near the discomfort and mess that I was, this caption might be hard for you to swallow. And I get it. I was so hurting and disappointed that I was even wondering if God remembered me.

But then I was listening to a meditation on the Father’s heart, and holy smokes did it find me in the cave I was camping in. At this point, I hardly believed God WANTED to talk to me, because I had chosen to be distant in my pain...tired of the continual disappointment in my life. I thought He was mad at me. But it was at the sound of His word and sacrifice for me that I realized my incredible need for a SAVIOR.

Savior: NOUN/ rescuer; liberator; deliverer; emancipator; champion; knight in shining armor; friend in need; salvation.

I can’t do my life on my own, and neither can any of us. And sometimes, especially for us stubborn “do it yourself-ers”, we need to be at the end of ourselves, so that we run into the beginning of Him.

At the bottom of your deepest pain, in the middle of your worst fear, in the cringing of your deepest disappointment, you’ll find an even greater God.

Love you, reader. You’ve got this. *hug*



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