• Christianna Burkee

Article-16 Hey, I see you

Everyone likes to be thought of, even the devil.

The need for intentionality in our hearts was carved deep by the hand of God, and was made by Him to be filled with the love of human relationships. What a beautiful thing to know that you carry the capacity within you to fill the carved out space in someone else's heart simply by having your heart postured towards them intentionally. 

Taking the time to pause and look deep into someones eyes, or holding an embrace for another 5 seconds can change someones life as their heart softens and opens it's arms to the pure love you have to gift them with. 

Intentionality is a beautiful thing that I fear has been cloaked with the costume of hard work, annoyance and needs. Ohhhh but my dear, love is so sacrificial and selfless.

My friends, God made us for love.

God made us to long for one another.

How can you love someone without being intentional? And who are you to undermine someones need for it...including you? I'd like to rustle your feathers and say that love is love when it IS intentional. Otherwise it's feelings. Love is love when I don't feel like going out of my way to make you smile, but I do it anyway. When I don't want to listen to your bad day, but I choose to engage and have compassion. Mmm...isn't it fun to stretch those muscles?

From the beginning of time, we were made for relationship, and we were made to be pursued with intentional love.




done on purpose; deliberate.

What have you done today to be intentional and to love the literal hell out of someone?

Go do it. 


There's nothing to regret, and there's nothing to fear.

From day one we were made for it...so darling, looks like all excuses are off and all qualifications are on.

Be loved,

be filled,


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