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Article-18 Good morning

If anyone reading this article knows me at all, you can nod your head in agreement that mornings are of the utmost importance to me.  

When I was asked to write a piece on said “routine”, I truthfully didn’t know where to begin. The structure and rhythm of my mornings change almost daily, dependent upon a variety of factors…However, I found it interesting that as I studied myself and my habitual movements from the moment I rise to the moment I leave home, I found one thing that held to be true and consistent:

I always, and I mean always, leave space for intentionality.

(And coffee)

I’m someone that most people would classify as a “romantic”. I am an emotionally driven visionary, with a heart that won’t quit. Aye, I’m giftedly sensitive to awareness and intentionality, and if you encounter me, you’ll most likely to bump into my heart well before we even shake hands. That’s just the way I am.

So when it comes to mornings, ever since I can remember, I’ve always had a heightened awareness of this time of day…seeing it as the portion of your 24hours that sets you up to either fly or fail.

It doesn’t matter if my finger becomes too friendly with the snooze, or if I have three hours of twiddling-my-thumbs-free-time…I, without fail, manage to sit with my warm cup of coffee in hand, and take a moment to be intentional with my thoughts.

This looks like a mental posture, and sometimes, quite frankly an exercise. It looks like reflections such as: Who will I speak to first today? What a privilege for myself and that person! Who will be my first hug today? My first smile, first laugh, first hello?” Spending this time, grateful for what is to come, I allow and feel myself rise in awareness of the beauty of connection and purpose.  

This intentionality can be exercised in pondering the hope filled moments to come, or something as simple as the chair you are sitting in, the clothes on your back, or the air you’re breathing…let’s take a moment to be thankful for that.

To gift yourself with time to be intentional signifies stillness and purposefulness in all that you do. For example, instead of just rushing through the morning with my daily coffee in hand, I pause for a moment to consider that, “wow…billions of people across the globe start their days with coffee… isn’t it beautiful that my morning shares something in its routine with someone else in this world? In a way, it connects us.”

And at once, I’m smiling, and filled with reason to love and be grateful. Told you I am heart driven.

When you rise from your slumber, you’re at a clean slate. You haven’t spoken to a person, haven’t even moved your vocal chords (if you’re introverted like me). You haven’t had contact with the world yet. How are you going to position yourself for the moments to come?

It actually moves me emotionally…the thought of mechanically going about my day without the awareness of these little gifts surrounding me. I think we can say we’ve all been there…but with a little practice, patience, and a dash of self-love, we could all see the world as a much brighter place; Not something that happens to us, but rather, something we happen to. Not so concentrated on shifting my circumstances, but shifting something in me.

Now, make it a good morning, sweet one. A moment of your day could change more than you know.



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