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It’s healthy to get out and do things by yourself. It keeps the mind sober, and reveals what is simmering beneath the chaos of your days. I took myself on a date tonight, and as I sat at the red and white checkered bistro table with a candle dimly burning, I couldn’t help but smile as I watched the traffic pass me by: countless couples. Some holding hands, some sharing a kiss, some newly introduced, some old in relationship.

I take another sip of bubbling beer and a not so lady like bite of pizza before I pull out my notepad and click my pen to write the coming thoughts down.


We spend the vast majority of our lives worrying about love until we find it. Once the threshold of relationship is crossed, there too easily becomes contempt.

I say this because I’ve been there. And now, in a “season” where I’m single, my little heart is just yearning to get it all back, but this time, not take it for granted. Not that I always did... but in self reflection, I know I could have treasured that hand hold a wee bit more, or hugged ONE more time before driving away for the night, or said one last THANK YOU for buying me a meal.

I’ve learned by time and experience that love is NOT self seeking. The most “self” part about it is the desire, but once you have it, it’s sacrifice. A common misconception is that we’re searching out love for ourselves. When the reality is that our hearts were remarkably designed to give.

We were created to love each other. When I “find you”, that’s not the win. That’s not the trophy. It’s the beginning of what we’ve been praying for all these years: love actualized. All of the strength for giving that I’ve built up through family, friends, experience… are now welcomed to be exercised, in the confines of you. What an absolute, undeniable, unbelievable treasure. I love love. I love relationship. It is beauty.

If you have it, or whether you’re still a lighthouse shining, waiting for its partner to come home... can we just take a moment to be grateful? Can we just take a moment to thank God that He made us like this? I believe in you, lovers of one another. You are stunning, lovely, and made to shine bright.


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