• Christianna Burkee

Article-28 The Hearers

I’m currently in bed with day two of a head cold and sniffles. It’s a cold Michigan Sunday in Petoskey, and the rain is tapping on my window like a friend rattling on my front door. I’m smiling at the thought of that... because if you have the heart to hear, you’ll find that even in the most unexpected places, life speaks to you... such as this current pitter patter of a storm passing by.

I hear invitation in the sound, and I cordially accept, as I bundle myself in a blanket and head downstairs. Creaking open the patio door, I lean my face outside and let the drops land on my skin one by one.

In one deep inhale, I feel the purity of the air soothe my lungs. The freshness is delightful and rich.

*In comes the new, out goes the old.

And again.

*In comes the new, out goes the old.

To some, a rainy day is just a rainy day. But to the willing heart, anything will serve to speak to you.

After a few more breathes, I made my way back upstairs to nestle into bed. A sniffle sniffle here and a snaffle snaffle there, I find that I feel different than before. Fresher. More content. More present.

We tend to complicate things that were meant to be simple. Trying to master what wasn’t meant to be mastered. I believe in the wealth of knowledge and the power of influence... but sometimes, the most valuable lessons aren’t found in books or in papers... but rather, in the simplicity of something like rain. If you’re humble, and if you’re willing, it’s in your nature to hear.

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