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Updated: Aug 25

This is a quick note about HOME.

And my choice of this photo is two fold.

One, it’s beautifully capturing the most perfect evening spent catching up with a friend. And two, the man photographed next to me is the one who inspired this writing entirely. Meet Ken. My friend, Michigan rascal, and avid adrenaline junky. We’ve known each other since high-school, when he offered to carry my books to my locker so that we could walk together. 📚 And we worked together at the local brewery, where he was my trainer and immediate companion to get through a long and busy shift. 🍺He’s an exuberant little tyke, the most loyal friend, and it was in this moment with him, as we sat together watching the Northern Michigan sun go down, that I said to him, “you feel like home.”

*gasp* “What a shockingly intimate thing to say to someone Christianna!”

I know. Allow me to invite you into my heart.

“Home is a feeling”, right?

Home: that heart gushing and immediate sensation of nostalgia mixed with happiness. Longing but fulfillment. Presence but reminiscent of memory. It is the sobering and gut wrenching flutter in the pit of your stomach that reminds you where you are, where you’ve come from, and how you’re perfectly and incandescently happy with this present moment you find yourself in right now.

I’ve been living in California for 5 years now, carving my way through a life that I’m not sure the direction of. And sometimes, in fact…a lot of the time, things feel hard. Sometimes, it can feel like I don’t quite belong anywhere in the chaos of life ever moving. And that’s okay…but it wasn’t until I was sat next to Kenny, laughing through memories, and embracing the rays of the sunset on my freckled skin, that I felt the collision of the present with what I must have been reaching for since I left this place: HOME.

I’ve had moments in time where I’ve felt this feeling in places other than The Mitten…but none as pure as this one. I’m attempting to impart to you reader, not so much a lesson in itself but rather, a theme. A theme of home. An over arching matter that may remind you of what stirs up those feelings in YOU, so that you may latch onto them dearly and hold tight until it’s nourishment has filled you. A theme to cast your cares and worries to the side and let yourself FEEL home; note the smell, what you can touch, what your gaze rests upon… what you can hear or taste. What does home feel like to you?

Home TRULY is a feeling in your heart. And that feeling has many addresses. 🌍 It’s up to us and our ability to be open and present, to find as many of those places as possible... and lavish in them completely.

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