• Christianna Burkee

Article-11 Till death do us part

Thought I’d share my deep thoughts of the day:

While standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, my gaze kept landing upon the left hand of those around me. In front of me was a man, tired and stoic in the face... but on his hand shined a different expression...a beautiful gold wedding band.

I looked around me and realized the husbands and wives surrounding me. Diamonds, gold and silver all seemed to sparkle and dazzle in the light of the aisles. I grinned ear to ear because I realized...I’m surrounded by covenant.

They aren’t even aware of it... but I fill up with joy because I know that they’ve seen love. They’re even in it still.

I can look at you now, straight faced and grumpy in the Trader Joe’s checkout line, and beam, knowing that even if this moment doesn’t show it… There was a day you got down on one knee. So convinced in your heart, so compelled by the love inside of you towards one person, that you pinched your pennies and went to buy a ring. So moved by the way you felt around her, that you couldn’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t spend everyday with her, for the rest of your life.

You excitedly planned a surprise that you knew would be magnificent and that would change your lives forever.

I can look at the wife behind me... and see you today, with your tired eyes and disheveled hair, and know that there was a best day of your life. There was a dress that made you light up, imagining it moving in union with the tuxedo of your groom as you sway to your first dance.

When I see that ring that resembles covenant… I know you had that moment so many of us dream of… Where you stirred up the courage to ask “Will you marry me?“. Where you, through laughter and tears, shouted “Yes! 1000 times, yes!“.

You see… That ring you’re wearing represents so much more than you may even be aware of.

As far as I’m concerned, you are a walking symbol of love. Love: AGAPE. Love: I choose you today, tomorrow, and forever. Love: I will fight for connection. Love: I’m in this for the long run. Love: I want to create family and legacy with you.

Putting a ring on your finger is so much more than a shiny new accessory. I know that for me, it’s going to stand for not only my choosing to create an everlasting bond with someone, but it’s going to stand for a life laid down. In my mind, accepting that ring isn’t for me, it’s for my man. When I say yes, that means I’m prepared to lay everything down upon the altar of honor, and for him I hope it’s the same. Then, two become one, and the ultimate dance of selflessness begins. How beautifully crafted marriage is. How remarkably supernatural love is.

So as I stand here waiting to pay for my groceries... I see you, married and engaged ones. And wow, what beautiful people you are. I look up to you.

Thank you for saying yes to love, even if you don’t understand the weight of it. When you said I love you (agape), you made the world a little bit brighter of a place, by bringing your love story to us around you.

I hope the next time you look down at your hand, you remember the moment you first knew, you recall the feeling of when it all began, and you feel refreshed in pursuing the more to come.



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