• Christianna Burkee

10:29 pm

Oftentimes, the love that you have for another is verified when you’re thrown into the fire together.

When the flames seem to swallow you up, when you are under pressure and distress... what comes out of you?

-When we love anyone, it shows up in our willingness to sacrifice.

-When we’ve professed those three words, it shows up in how quickly we forgive.

-What am I willing to lay down in this relationship to protect it? Am I willing to change? To apologize even when I know they are in the wrong?

-Am I willing to fight for connection?

A lot of us say the words, but we aren’t willing to sacrifice very much.

We need each other. I am no greater than my neighbor, and he no greater than the next. You're no greater than your spouse or significant other, and they, no greater than you. This humility shakes the dust of vanity from the roots of us, and washes our minds in the waters of love...yes love.

Love as intended.

Love the patient. Love the kind. Love that keeps no records of wrongs. Love that doesn't camp in shame and disrespect. Love that believes the best.

You don’t have to be a faith walker to know the verse well. (1 Cor. 13)

Yet, in the midst of burning flames, in the center of tribulation and distress, in what feels like the wildest of fires…are those the responses that come out of us?

In humanity, community, relationship, marriage…What are we protecting? What are we fighting for? What do we believe? I believe it's in the presence of fire that the answer is found.

Difficulty, disappointment, emotion…they all bring out what’s been lying dormant inside of us. It could be good, it could…need a little work. But in this tension, I desire to remind us to recall what we’re fighting for. For we can possess all of the knowledge, generosity, gifts and talents...but if we lack love, we are nothing.

What are you fighting for?

There is a commissioning behind the proclamation of love, and the good news is that we're capable.

Each has been given strength and ability. And when we fail, we never give up.

Let us not forget what we mean when we say that we love one another. Let us not forget who we are in the midst of a very messy world. Because I believe there is hope in our remembering, shelter in our returning, and in doing so,

water to many many fires.


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