• Christianna Burkee

Article-19 Sticks and stones...

“Let us not love with words or speech but with action and in truth.”

Can I just say I adore this?

What we say is vitally important, but there’s magic that happens when we display it. Not simply saying, “I’ll do this” or “I’ll do that”, but proving the integrity of your speech with your actions.

Words are powerful, which is why pain is a reality for so many...

“BUT YOU SAID YOU LOVE ME?!”....yet actions aren’t supporting it.

“You said you’d do ___!”

“You said” this.

“You said” that....

This is why flattery gets you no where. I love a good, genuine, heart felt compliment... but honey, I’ve been around the block (if I may be so vulnerable to say), and if there’s one thing I’ve learned to do in the arena of love, it’s to of course listen and respect what someone says... but hold it with open hands.

I said in a relationship once, "I don't want there to be any space for you to question how I feel about you." And that was my constant conviction as we journeyed relationship together. The still small voice that told me to follow through, or reminded me, "Christianna...remember when you said you'd take out the trash?"

I wanted my words to be met with my actions, so that he would never have reason to wonder "...did she really mean what she said?" or worse, “can I trust what she says?”.

It seems simple. But I believe matching our words with action is the essence of integrity.

Did you tell someone you loved them today? Great. Show it.

Did you say you'd do a favor? How kind of you. Follow through.

Did you compliment someone or tell them how much they meant to you? So good! Now get creative and find ways to display it.

Let us be a people of integrity and wisdom.

Let us be a people of love...the showy kind.


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