in the power of transformation; in all elements of life. Be it the way you search for gratitude in your morning cup of joe, the perspective and values you bring into relationship, or the way you cling tightly to the treasure of the present...there is power in the way we choose to do, see and create things, which ultimately leads to transformation...which in turn, leads to a renewed life.



A God given thought...genuinely. With a passion for curating beauty for others; whether in words, creativity, atmospheres, or fine things... the name RÜM was given to me as a title for what would quickly become the term used for someone else's safe haven, and all of the elements inside it...the umlaut symbolic of the transformation of the ordinary to extraordinary. 


It is my heart for you to look forward to every aspect of your day, and feel compelled to not take life for granted. I'm not here to merely write for you, I'm here to be your friend, to partner with you, so that we may both be inspired, and in turn, make the world a little bit brighter of a place.